7 Reasons to Drive Electric This Earth Week

Electric Car

  1. The Cost to Drive

Even with low gas prices, EVs can still save drivers between $2,000 and $2,500 per year on fuel costs. We’ve done the math! Over the typical seven year lifespan of a car, that’s over $14,000 in fuel savings.

  1. The Environment

Transportation is a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and EVs can reduce a driver’s emissions by as much as 90% when compared to a gas car. The burning of diesel and gasoline also contributes heavily to air pollution. Thankfully, Canada’s electricity sector is one of the cleanest in the world (Source: CEA).

  1. The Economy

Electricity is made locally, whereas oil is usually imported. This means billions of dollars per year leave the country. By switching to an EV, you’re helping to support infrastructure and jobs that are close to home.

  1. The Maintenance… or lack of

Gas cars are very complex. Electric motors have one moving part. That’s it! Fully electric cars don’t require oil changes, transmissions or exhaust systems and plug-in hybrids have greatly reduced wear and tear saving you on maintenance costs.

  1. The Convenience

No more trips to the gas station! By installing a charging station at home you plug-in at night and wake up every morning to a full “tank” of electrons.

  1. The Performance

Electric motors don’t have gears like gas engines, meaning you get full torque and horsepower from the get-go. Furthermore, EVs provide a smooth and steady ride while making zero noise.

  1. The Choice

Do you prefer a high performance sports car, a compact utility or a luxury sedan? With more than 15 models available from 10+ manufacturers and more on the way, there’s an electric car for everyone. (See Plug’n Drive: EV Models)

For more information about Plug’n Drive, visit our website at www.plugndrive.ca. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


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