Confessions of an EV Virgin

A guest blog by: Cindi Ross (@CLP1971)

EV Experience Winner Cindi RossThat’s right, you heard what I said.

  • I confess that I thought driving an EV would be a little like driving an enlarged version of one of those battery operated kiddie cars that you can buy for your 4 year old.
  • I confess that I had an alarming level of anxiety that the car would just die on me in the middle of nowhere, for no apparent reason.
  • I confess that I thought I would have to beg, plead or worse, whine at my boyfriend to even be seen in the car with me, let alone drive it.
  • And I confess that I would somehow feel dwarfed and underpowered compared to some of the larger and more commonplace internal combustion engine vehicle.

WRONG on all accounts!

On the highway, I could not believe how fast I could accelerate to 129 errr… I mean 100 km/hr  😉

And the gadgets! I’m sure there are airplane cockpits not as well equipped as the Nissan LEAF.  I loved the 4 camera feature that gives you a view of the rear, front, as well as sides of the vehicle.

The anxiety part was, of course, completely unfounded.  As a person who pretty much knows how many days it will take her to reach 1/2 a tank of gas, and how many BBM’s I can send  before my phone dies, planning in advance was really not the obstacle I thought it would be.  If anything, I left for work each morning knowing I had “a full tank”.

As far as having to plead to get my other half to drive it… let’s just say it’s a good thing I had it for two days before he got to see it (and that I grew up learning to share my toys), because I was quickly demoted to co-pilot status…and kind of stayed there!

As far as feeling dwarfed and underpowered, turned out I had no problem leaving several vehicles, if you’ll pardon the pun, in the dust.

I was also quite surprised at the level of interest people had in the Leaf.  I exchanged two quick conversations at red lights with drivers who wanted to know about the car, and had two people actually knock on my door ask me some questions.

The only down side I can really think of, in my case at least, is the EV charging infrastructure.  I do a considerable amount of long range trips on a frequent basis, so I’d like to see more charging stations available up North, and along the 401 corridor.  In saying that, for me, maybe a PHEV would be an option for my next vehicle?

Since my Nissan LEAF experience, I’ve had the pleasure of driving a Tesla Model S and I’m looking forward to an upcoming opportunity to have 24 hrs with an Mitsubishi i-MiEV (but shhh… I’m not telling the boyfriend about that one.)