Living with the i-MiEV

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

A guest Blog by Plug’n Drive volunteer Glennengineer

The i-MEV is a small and unique electric vehicle (EV).  It was one of the first modern EVs available and has been around since 2009 in other parts of the world.  From an engineering point of view, it is a fantastic feat of efficiency that uses a small forced air cooled battery of approximately 16 kWh.  I even had several short jaunts on the highway and, while the car is stable, the range suffers (see data below).

The regenerative braking (available in “B” mode) is powerful in the i-MEV and with practice one never uses the brakes unless coming to a complete stop. All cars should have this feature! In one short drive I used the heater intermittently and predicted about a 20% drop in range if used continuously.  I will get a more accurate estimate during a winter drive later this year.

Km Km Km (Estimated)
iMEV around town (Aurora) 47 68 115 7.1 6.7
iMEV to Keswick + HWY 74 14 88 5.9 12.6
iMEV to Newmarket + HEAT 24 84 108 5.7 4.2
iMEV to Smart Centers 99 10 109 7.6 13.0
iMEV to Keswick 76 44 120 7.8 9.7
iMEV around town (Aurora) 10 112 122 6.2 1.6
iMEV to Sutton 115 9 124 8.6 13.4
iMEV around town (Aurora) 17 104 121 8.2 2.1

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