The first winner of EV Experience – Antony A.

As part of the ongoing initiative to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, Plug’n Drive created EV Experience, a program that gives drivers the chance to win the keys to an electric car for one week.  We held contests at several events and have given the Nissan LEAF, Ford Focus Electric, and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV to various winners to try!

Our very first participant of EV Experience was Antony A. who won by attending EV Day Toronto.  He choose to take the 2014 Focus Electric to see how it would work for him.

It is a great car that has lots of safety features including a built-in touchscreen, GPS unit, Bluetooth connection, and reverse assisting camera.  –Antony A.

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“For now I will take transit to work.  But after this experience in an electric car, I will be saving my money so that my first car will be electric.”  – Antony A.


Canada’s Charging Stations – Vancouver Edition

CPCanada Place
Canada Place opened in 1986 as Canada’s Pavilion for Expo ’86 and continues to welcome locals and people from around the world for inspirational Canadian experiences. It is also steps away from the Vancouver Convention Centre, which hosts a variety of events from the Grey Cup Festival, Family Fair, and The Wellness Show

999 Canada Place
Two level 2 stations
Free to charge, no card required. Parking fees apply.



Vancouver Aquarium

A not-for-profit marine science centre that it dedicated to effecting the conservation of aquatic life through display, communication, public programming and education, research and direct action. Vancouver Aquarium does not capture from the wild and provides a home for rescued animals.

845 Avison Way
Two Level 2 stations
Free to charge, credit card required. Parking fees apply.


Grouse Mountain
Vancouver’s premier attraction with a variety of cultural, educational, and outdoor adventures. Ski, ride, dine, and shop atop the mountain with its breathtaking view.

Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver
Two Level 2 stations
Free to charge, credit card or Chargepoint card required. Parking fees apply.

Living with the i-MiEV

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

A guest Blog by Plug’n Drive volunteer Glennengineer

The i-MEV is a small and unique electric vehicle (EV).  It was one of the first modern EVs available and has been around since 2009 in other parts of the world.  From an engineering point of view, it is a fantastic feat of efficiency that uses a small forced air cooled battery of approximately 16 kWh.  I even had several short jaunts on the highway and, while the car is stable, the range suffers (see data below).

The regenerative braking (available in “B” mode) is powerful in the i-MEV and with practice one never uses the brakes unless coming to a complete stop. All cars should have this feature! In one short drive I used the heater intermittently and predicted about a 20% drop in range if used continuously.  I will get a more accurate estimate during a winter drive later this year.

Km Km Km (Estimated)
iMEV around town (Aurora) 47 68 115 7.1 6.7
iMEV to Keswick + HWY 74 14 88 5.9 12.6
iMEV to Newmarket + HEAT 24 84 108 5.7 4.2
iMEV to Smart Centers 99 10 109 7.6 13.0
iMEV to Keswick 76 44 120 7.8 9.7
iMEV around town (Aurora) 10 112 122 6.2 1.6
iMEV to Sutton 115 9 124 8.6 13.4
iMEV around town (Aurora) 17 104 121 8.2 2.1

Canada’s Charging Stations – Toronto Edition


Brookfield PlaceBrookfield Place

Brookfield Place is a landmark deeply rooted in the commercial, cultural and social fabric of Toronto. Home to some of the world’s most prestigious financial and legal firms and the corporate headquarters of many Canadian corporations, the 2.6 million square foot complex fosters business and commerce of global significance.

181 Bay Street
Seven Level 2 Stations
Free to charge, no card required. Parking fees apply.

Direct Energy CentreThe Direct Energy Centre

The Direct Energy Centre is Canada’s largest facility for conventions, exhibitions and events. The Direct Energy Centre is known for its dedication to green initiatives and sustainability. Its Keeping It Green program allows events and organizers demonstrate social and environmental responsibility to attendees that support local renewable energy production.

100 Princes’ Boulevard
One Level 2 Stations
Free to charge, no card required. Parking fees apply.


Yorkdale MallYorkdale Mall

Yorkdale Mall is Canada’s premier shopping centre, located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area. Its exclusive list of retailers – totalling  more than 240 – is highlighted by many first-in-Canada and flagship stores. Yorkdale Mall is also home to Ontario’s first Tesla store front.

3401 Dufferin Street
Four Level 2 Stations

To find these, and other public chargers in Canada, visit our map at: